2/20: 0 words. I had to get some podcast episodes ready, so that killed my writing time. Meanwhile, I sent the second quarter of Forging Bonds to my alpha reader on Friday, and couldn’t be more anxious about getting her thoughts back.

2/21: 63 words. While I didn’t get very many words on the page today, it was a very productive day. I built out the framework for the next quarter of the book. More important even than the physical locations an events was the mental and emotional depth that I’ve built into the second half of the book now.

When I realized several months ago that Book 3 was going to be an action-adventure story, I was concerned that despite my intentions, I would turn it into the kind of shallow adventure that I don’t enjoy. I want Forging Bonds to be much more Deathly Hallows and much less National Treasure. Taking the time throughout outlining process to make sure I’ve baked that into the cake has been a really important part of this story. And I think because of that, it’s hitting all the right notes. But that’s enough mixed metaphors for one occasion.