2/8: 449 words. Yesterday, I finished a chapter. Or at least roughly finished a chapter. Maybe. I knew it wasn’t really complete. I didn’t know, though, whether it should include the next step in the characters’ journey — though that didn’t feel right — or more depth.

So I started reading it at the beginning and added little things here and there. Then I found a place to explore the thoughts and feelings of the point-of-view character. After that, I added some dialogue where there had been none. It wasn’t filler though, because it further exposed some nooks of a character’s personality as it continues to unfold.

I’ve only finished going over two-thirds of the chapter in this way, and it feels much more complete now. By the time I do the final third, it will be time to move on to the next chapter. Only three left until I’m done with Middle Build I (or the first half of Act 2).