3/10: 133 words. Yesterday, I started a new chapter with a POV character from whose perspective I haven’t written in months. So I was a little slow getting out of the gate.

3/11: 1072 words. A much more productive day. It makes such a difference for my general disposition and outlook on life. That’s probably not entirely health. But there is definitely a correlation between my mental health and creative output.

Update on my overall progress for the year. This is day 70, and I’m to 33,388 words, which puts me at an average of 477 words daily. Still well above what I need for my goal of 100,000 words. That’s good though, because it’s going to gum up the works when I finish this draft and get into editing. With roughly 25,000 words left in the project, I’m still planning to finish by the end of May, though my current page would have me finishing about the end of April.