1/6: 0 words. I had to get a podcast episode out, which always takes longer than I allot for. You’d think I’d have that down after 50 episodes.

1/7: 372 words. I thought I was going to have a goose egg for yesterday too, because I spent the early morning hours creating new ebook covers for Vulcan Rising and Seeking Sanctuary (which releases in 3 days!). But last night, while the little one was taking a bath, I pounded out enough words to finish the chapter I was working on.

1/8: 1218 words. Everyone slept in (except me), which made for a solid chunk of writing time this morning. The characters are in the middle of their frustrating try/fail cycle, but they seem to be taking it pretty well so far. That’s the good thing about teenagers. They can be both melodramatic and resilient in about the same half-hour.