4/5: 512 words. Finished the second chapter in the Ending Payoff (Act 3) today. The last third of the chapter didn’t end up with quite the feel I was expecting. I’ll have to go back and assess whether that’s for better or worse.

I could have written more today, but I really needed to do some location research since the characters are now at the island group where the rest of the story unfolds. I think this will be the part of the book where the characters stay in one geographical location the longest, which is pretty bizarre for me since the first two books occurred entirely within their own respective cities. It’s certainly been more trying than I would have even expected writing about so many different places.

The other thing that had to be done is plotting out what happens within the next three chapters. I knew roughly what happened at waypoints T, V, and X, but I didn’t know what the connective tissue was that would get us there. Now, I have a much better idea of that.