1/7: 326 words. Yesterday, I had intended to get my writing done in the afternoon, but instead, I spent the better part of four hours watching some insurrectionists fail to topple the American democratic republic.

So this morning, I made sure promptly get to my writing in Walls Ascending. It’s been a rocky start to the new year with getting my words in. But I’m committed to persisting.

I read a really encouraging post from Dean Wesley Smith this week in which he used math to show how you can accumulate large word counts by being consistent with your writing and showing up every day: Math Is the Friend of Prolific.

The reason that I didn’t get any words in yesterday morning is that was getting my new Lawyerpreneur podcast episode out: Intellectual Property Issues for Entrepreneurs with Becki C. Lee. While most of my episodes are primarily for lawyers, this one is geared toward entrepreneurs of all stripes.