11/8: 627 words. I had 45 minutes before the oldest woke up this morning, and I made the best of it. Feeling good about the words that I wrote this morning.

And after my post yesterday, my friend (who’s serving as both my developmental editor and alpha reader) sent me her edits for Middle Build 1 of Vulcan Rising (pre-order on Amazon). I was really excited to get that back, but it was difficult to set them aside for now and keep drafting instead of editing.

Update: I added another 754 words this afternoon, to end up with 1381 for the day. And I closed out the scene I’d been working on for the last two days. Also, one of my characters gave this speech today, and I absolutely loved it:

We are not here to dispute the contributions that each of you has made to maintaining peace and order for our people. Nor to downplay the sacrifices you have made. But relying on past accomplishments as evidence of current loyalties is a practice that is fraught with peril. We must be vigilant and constantly on watch for indications that allegiances have shifted. We cannot ignore what is there to be seen merely because it is uncomfortable.

Vulcan Rising