The Zauberi Glossary

I realized one day that as I wrote the books in The Zauberi Chronicles, I was regularly having to go back to check to make sure I was currently using the terms I had made up, or see if a term already existed for a character or if I needed to create a new one. So it occurred to me that if I'm the architect of this world and having trouble keeping everything straight, maybe there's a reader who is too. Armed with that epiphany, I created this glossary so that you and I both can remember who's who and what's what in the world of The Zauberi Chronicles.


  • Gevalti: The paramilitary force headed by Oberhaupt
  • Heiler/heilerin: A healer
  • Hexeri/hexerin: A zauberi whose abilities can be weaponized
  • Schopfer: A creator
  • Stadstrat: Minister or secretary in the Zauberat
  • Unterlegen: Inferior; a derogatory term for a person who is not a zauberi
  • Zauber: Magic or magical
  • Zauberi/zauberin: A person with special abilities that are akin to magic or superpowers
  • Zauberat: The local government council that oversees the zauberi

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