Casual Business with Fairies

J. W. Judge

Release date: May 2, 2023

Not all fairytales end with happily ever after.

In a time when a new breed of fairies is not beholden to the old covenants that have governed the relationship between mankind and fairies for centuries, the Bone Collectors Guild has risen as a force that intends to forever shift the balance of power.

Scott Warren finds himself in the middle of a conflict that is generations in the making. Not only did he not know the parties, but until now he didn’t even know they existed beyond the lore and children’s stories that were told to him and that he has passed on to his daughter.

When someone shows up at Warren’s law office claiming to be a fairy, he must decide whether the world is as he has always believed it to be. And if not, are the stakes great enough to warrant getting involved and placing himself in the crosshairs of the Bone Collectors Guild? Warren resigns himself to maintaining the status quo until his own daughter’s lost teeth turn up missing and the tooth fairies give him a dose of what they have in store for those whose bones they’ve collected.

Regardless of his decision, he is left with the lasting impression that doing business with fairies couldn’t be a more treacherous endeavor.

Order now to find out if Scott Warren gets tangled up with factions on the brink of calamity.


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