About J. W. Judge

J. W. Judge

I am a lawyer by day and a writer in the wee morning hours before the sun breaks the horizon. My writing is fueled by strange dreams and an overactive imagination. You can find the first trilogy in The Zauberi Chronicles wherever you like to buy your books: Vulcan Rising (Book 1), Seeking Sanctuary (Book 2), and Forging Bonds (Book 3).

My fourth novel, Casual Business with Fairies, released on May 2, 2023. You can buy it wherever you like to get your books online.

I have also written Write Your Novel One Day at a Time, which is available at any of your favorite online stores. If you're a busy person with aspirations of writing a novel, this is the book that will help you make that a reality.

Finally, I co-host the podcast, The Write Approach, with USA Today bestselling author Barbara Hinske. You can check out all the episodes on our website, listen to them on your favorite podcast app, or watch the show on our YouTube channel.

The Zauberi Chronicles and Other Works

Casual Business with Fairies

Vulcan Rising

The Zauberi Chronicles, Book 1

Seeking Sanctuary

The Zauberi Chronicles, Book 2

Forging Bonds

The Zauberi Chronicles, Book 3

Write Your Novel One Day at a Time (Ebook Cover)

Write Your Novel One Day at a Time

How to Write a Novel While Having a Career, a Family, and a Life

The Murder Tree

A Short Story

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Can I give you my short story about a family of hillbilly hitmen, The Murder Tree? Plus, stay up to date about upcoming novels, short stories, and other works.

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