Write Your Novel One Day at a Time

How to Write a Novel While Having a Career, a Family, and a Life

J. W. Judge

Write Your Novel One Day at a Time (Ebook Cover)

You’ve always had the ideas for your novel. Now, you can do the work of writing it.

Write Your Novel One Day at a Time will help develop the processes to do the creative work of writing your novel. I will show you the power of consistency by giving you a look at my daily word counts and journal entries through the six-month endeavor of writing my third novel while working my day-job as a commercial litigator and raising a young family.

My writing has been twenty-five years in the making, and now includes four non-fiction books and three novels. All these books have been written in small chunks, a few hundred words at a time, because small increments are the only ones I have. Through this book, I will show you how showing up daily to do your creative work will help you deliver the book you want to write.

But I’m not the only one who has had to juggle writing, family, and a career. In Write Your Novel One Day at a Time, I interview five successful writers who began writing their novels during their professional careers. Through these interviews, and my own experiences, I will help you develop a blueprint for how you can get your creative work done.

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