11/21: With Seeking Sanctuary (The Zauberi Chronicles, Book 2) behind me and set for pre-order, it’s time to start writing the third book in the trilogy. I’ve known for some time in very general terms how the book is going to unfold. But — and I don’t know if this is because I’ve had the plot set in my mind for so long or if it’s because it holds too closely to genre conventions — the plot seems too predictable. So that’s been jamming me up, to the extent that I’ve found it extraordinarily difficult to even get started.

Expectant Writer J. W. Judge Book 3's Plot Is Already Jamming Me Up

Here’s all the progress I’ve made so far:

  • 11/5: 614 words in Chapter 1
  • 11/6: 41 words in Chapter 1
  • 11/18: 204 words in Chapter 1

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got so far.

But Friday morning, I had a big idea. One of those ideas that will change the entire structure and direction of the book. I was excited about it and started working through everything in my head. It wasn’t immediately clear to me, however, whether the idea was a good or bad one. But it did break the dam that was jamming me up.

To help me sort it out, I called my editor and pitched the new plot direction to her. She liked it, which was encouraging. So now it just comes down to the execution. And I can’t execute anything if I’m not writing. I guess I’d better stop procrastinating by writing on the blog and get to it.