6/30: 360 words. Most of my words this morning went toward creating a new appendix in Write Your Novel One Day at a Time (link) for writing and creativity resources. A friend of mine suggested I add this after reading an advance copy. So while I was at it, I added the information to my author website as well, Writing and Creativity Resources.

The first half of June involved a great deal of editing, rather than writing. It took a lot of time to edit and revise the transcriptions of the interviews that make up part of Write Your Novel One Day at a Time. After finishing the editing, I spent several days trying to figure out what to do next.

It wasn’t until June 18 that I landed on the new story that I’m writing about fairies, and began writing more consistently again. I finished June with 6,944 words for the month, and I have accumulated 86,444 words for 2022 so far. Even with having edited two books in the last two months, I’m still well ahead of pace for my goal of 100,000 words for the year.