If my writing in April were a landscape, it would definitely be a mountain range. So many peaks and valleys. But not the Rockies. Probably the Smoky Mountains, because the peaks weren’t all that high. I had four days in which I didn’t do any writing, and there wasn’t a single day that I hit more than a thousand words.

Still, including this update, I’ve written more than 10,000 words in April and hit some significant milestones in the writing of my fifth novel. I went over 40,000 words in the book and put it over the halfway point. In fact, this morning, I finished the third chapter in the second half of the book.

I sent the first half to my Alpha Reader a couple of weeks ago. They read it all in one sitting and provided some great feedback. I’m feeling really good about this murder-mystery. Of course, that’s subject to change without warning, because that is just the nature of writing. I reserve my right to hate everything tomorrow.

In other creative pursuits, my fourth dark fantasy novel, Casual Business with Fairies releases on Tuesday. The protagonist in that book is an insurance lawyer, who more closely resembles many aspects of my nature than any other character I’ve written. You can order it from your favorite online bookstore.

If you’re interested in the origin story of my debut novel, Vulcan Rising, I made a video about it. Available on YouTube. I plan to do similar accounts of my other novels as well.

We also had great interviews with some really impressive guests on the podcast I co-host with Barbara Hinske, The Write Approach: