5/2: 954 words. I didn’t expect to finish today, but the 3YO woke up crying about 15 minutes before my alarm was set to go off. So I got her resettled and decided there wasn’t any point in laying back down. I took a quick shower and jumped back into the story. I really thought I would finish tomorrow or the next day, but the extra minutes gave me just enough time to finish the final chapter.

The first draft of the novel has it coming in at 73,988 words. I don’t yet know whether I’ll end up adding or subtracting more during the editing process. This is the longest novel to date, by a couple of thousand words. And I expect it to remain so.

This also brings my yearly word count to 67,378, which is far more than I would have imagined for this early in the year. It’s probably good that I’m so far ahead of schedule. Before I start editing this book, I have another project to edit for a children’s book that I’m planning to publish with Scarlet Oak Press.