11/19. I woke of this morning and realized that while I’m at the beginning of Act 3 of Novel No. 4, the only part of the rest of the book that I had any idea about was the climax. I didn’t know how we were going to get there. So I spent the first first hour of my day plotting out the rest of the novel. And I really like how the pieces have come together.

With that part done, I’m hopeful that I can type out the rest of the story over the next six weeks and finish it before the end of the year. That has been my goal for a while, but once things at work got so chaotic in August and September, I was uncertain whether I’d be able to do that. So now, I guess we’ll see.

For the November update: I’ve written more than 9,000 words this month, which is more than I wrote that I wrote in all of August and just shy of my total for September. As of this morning my word count total for the year is 136,766. If I do finish, Novel No. 4 in 2022, that may put me over 150,000 words for the year. It will be a close call.