9/16: I’ve already written nearly as many words this month as I did in all of August. I’ve only missed two days of writing so far in September, thanks in significant part to a case that didn’t end up going to trial this week (We won without having to try it!).

I am now about 40% with the first draft of my fourth novel. And today’s writing session put me over 110,000 words for the year. Despite the setback that was August, I may still be able to finish the novel in 2022. That may be a bit of a stretch considering that I started it three months ago and still have 60% to go.

My new podcast, The Write Approach (which I co-host with Barbara Hinske), is off to a good start. We’ve released the first two episodes about where story ideas come from and choosing to write under a pen name. We are recording the eighth episode today, talking about how to write compelling antagonists.