The white flag is waving, but it does not signify surrender. Not today. This is the white flag of stock car racing. And it means there is one more lap to go.

Seeking Sanctuary is in the final lap. With 60,000 words in the books and four chapters left to write, the end is nearly in sight. A few more turns, and we will be in the home stretch.

As long as the Ending Payoff (Act 3) goes according to plotted plan — spoiler: things almost never work out exactly as plotted — then I should be able to write through to the finish in the next couple of weeks.

Here’s what the last week’s word counts have looked like:

8/23: 855

8/24: 431

8/25: 1014

8/26: 209

8/27: 186

8/28: 398

8/29: 435

8/30: 225

Last week I wrote, “With any luck, my work schedule will be cooperative…”. What I haven’t seemed to have learned yet is that my schedule is never cooperative when traveling. And I never get as many words down as paper as planned and hoped for.