I’ve only got six chapters left to write in that novel that I had been calling Walls Ascending, the sequel to Vulcan Rising. Even before I started writing it nine months ago, that had been the working title. But this past week, I decided the title wasn’t compelling enough and did not fit the novel that I had actually penned.

So in some pretty exciting news, the novel has a new title and a new cover. Here is the cover reveal for the second Zauberi Chronicles novel, Seeking Sanctuary.

The Zauberi Chronicles Book 2 Seeking Sanctuary J. W. Judge

The words have been really flowing as I approach the end of the book. Here’s what the last week has looked like:

8/15: 1342

8/17: 371

8/18: 1097

8/19: 72

8/20: 673

8/21: 1121

8/22: 785

With any luck, my work schedule will be cooperative, and I can get this thing wrapped up in the next weeks.