8/13: 880 words

8/14: 431 words

Now that I’m into writing the final 1/3 of Walls Ascending, I figured it was time to sort out how the thing is going to come together at the end. I have been struggling with it for a long time, and it has been significant source of consternation as I’ve been writing it.

I got to the point where I knew (more or less) how the Third Act (Ending Payoff) would go. But I was having a lot of trouble figuring out how the second half of the Middle Build was going to get us there without it feeling contrived.

Yesterday, I spent some time outlining the rest of the plot and making notes about how the final nine chapters of the book would go. Now I feel like I’m finally ready to get this done. The novel is sitting at just over 50,000 words now, with about 20,000 more to go.

Even though I feel like I have it all figured out now, I know that everything is subject to change. Either in the writing or editing process. It’s happened before, and it’s bound to happen again.