I listened to a podcast with Seth Goden on the Writer’s Ink podcast yesterday (side note: if you’re a writer and not listening to it, you should be), and Seth talked about the importance of having a daily blog to reinforce your writing habits.

I’ve been writing almost daily for the last couple of months and keeping up with my progress in my word count spreadsheet (thanks to the writing of James Scott Bell). But during that time, I’ve let this blog go a bit stagnant because I’ve been concentrating so fully on my work in progress, Vulcan Rising.

But Seth’s comments sparked an idea that I could do something that would continue to propagate both projects. So I’m going to launch this new series that I’m calling Word Count Chronicles. You can follow it on Twitter too, where I’m @expectantwriter. I’ll tag the tweets with #WordCountConfessions, and maybe you can play along.

Word Count Confessions, Day 1

With this being the first day of the project I’ll go back to the beginning of November to recount my progress (or lack of it) so far this month.

11/1: 0 words. I needed a plotting day to figure out where I’m headed. I’m currently in the second half of the the Second Act (Middle Build 2 in Story Grid language).

11/2: 230 words.

11/3: 246 words.

11/4: 0 words. I had a big hearing and 13+ hour workday that started as soon as I got up at 5:00am.

11/5: 447 words. I am starting to get the train back on the tracks.

This was Day 1 of Word Count Confessions. We’ll see what tomorrow holds. In the meantime, happy writing.